Sentinel Point Reporting Services

Sentinel Point Services is an impressive package of managed services designed to reduce and eliminate excessive costs and increase the overall performance of your Avaya and Nortel communications technology platform.  Sentinel Point Services includes the following services to help Avaya and Nortel platform customers track and manage their communications systems:


  • Site Survey/Inventory: Accurate and up-to-date system inventory records
  • Sourcebook/Configuration: Detailed communication programming (includes Avaya Session Manager and SIP)
  • Traffic Study/Performance: System and network configurations
  • Remote System Back-up/Disaster Recovery: Quarterly backup of system database
  • Security Assessment: Review and assessment of potential security risk points

Periodic assessment of the status of your communications network will insure it is running at peak performance. In addition, the visual data and key insights gained will help assist you in planning for your next upgrade and next generation technology.


Session Manager Book for Avaya Aura gives you intelligence, timely recommendations, and key configuration information related to Avaya Session Manager.   We will remotely review and collect software data from your network and make sure that your network is SIP ready.  We will identify errors and omissions impacting your transition from TDM to SIP.

The complete Sentinel Point Services Package includes Altura engineering time to help you interpret results and plan corrective action.

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