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Call Center SolutionsThe traditional call center is becoming obsolete. In a consumer-driven, Internet-enabled world, your customers aren’t just calling you. They want to reach you via email, IM, text, and more.  Simply taking calls isn’t enough to keep customers loyal.  You need to proactively reach out to build relationships, upsell, and solve problems before they become deal-breakers.  You need to reach your customers using the communications channels they want. You need to balance inbound and outbound communications so that no one is left waiting. And you have to do all of this while cutting costs, improving agent efficiency, and maximizing the value of every customer.

Altura can help. From internal operations to customer relationship management, we offer solutions to help make your entire contact center more effective.  Altura has long been recognized as a leader in contact centers and, as one of the largest Avaya Business Partners, Altura brings the advantages of this world-class call center expertise to your organization.

Maximize the effectiveness of your call center operations

Solution Benefits

Our contact center solutions produce a wide range of benefits for organizations:

Hire and retain the best agents

Because the solution works from any Internet connection, you can hire well-qualified agents regardless of geography, and you can hold on to them even after they move. Working from home can reduce stress on employees, keeping them happier and reducing turnover.

Improve Customer Service & Customer Loyalty

The flexibility of the home agent solution allows businesses to more easily offer 24-hour customer service, or to serve customers across multiple time zones without opening multiple offices. Skill-based routing connects top-tier customers with the most highly skilled sales associates. Actionable information can prevent customers from wasting time or missing deadlines. Automated systems can also help complete transactions and quickly fulfill their needs. Timely notifications to customers can create loyalty-enhancing touch points.

Reduce costs

Virtual call centers reduce real estate, heating, cooling, and other office-related expenses. And improved employee retention can help reduce personnel costs.  Streamlined management and improved call-volume distribution can also help save money on deployment and maintenance. Automated customer care helps expand service access, reduce staffing needs, and improve customer response.

Optimize use of agents across locations

Just in time work allocation increases agent occupancy and reduces idle time. This reduces staffing costs, and frees supervisors for mentoring and coaching agents. You can easily add remote agents when call volumes surge, and gain flexibility for your business continuity and disaster recovery plans.

Enhance revenue

Automated customer contact can be used to improve collection rates, prevent empty appointment slots, and create up-sell and cross-sell opportunities. Timely outbound reminders solve customer needs before they arise, reducing inbound call volume.

Please allow Altura an opportunity to improve your call center performance. To learn more about our Call Center Solutions portfolio or to have an Altura specialist contact you about our solutions or services, please call us at 1-800-654-0715.