Altura Communication Solutions

Unified Communication SIP Service

Altura’s customers are moving to Unified Communication using SIP to enable application sharing, presence, conferencing and multi media.  In fact, Altura is one of the market leading system integrators to have migrated thousands of our customers from Time Division Multiplex (TDM) to IP Telephony. SIP is an open standard that also enables Altura customers to seamlessly connect existing customer premise equipment (CPE) with carrier-class voice networks realizing significant cost savings in inbound, domestic, international, and toll-free calls, as well as, increased reliability from network redundancy and available customer premise network redundancy options.


Unified Communications Solutions may bring significant value and efficiencies to your business and enable you to respond to your customers quickly and effectively.  Altura specializing in understanding our customer’s business needs and improving their many communications functions in order to help them work together more effectively and to better serve your customers and your employees.

Altura will help you understand both how a Unified Communications solution works and how your organization can benefit from one. We will help you develop a practical road map for migrating to and making the most of your Unified Communications solution.

Unifying your communications represents a whole new way of looking at your communications infrastructure. Unified Communications solutions are flexible and scalable, affect all areas of your network, and include the following features:

IP Telephony

Converge your voice and data traffic onto your IP network for improved efficiency, cost savings, and application enablement.

Voice Mail and Unified Messaging

Enable your employees to stay connected and access all their messages through a single user interface that is easily accessible by various devices


View your team’s availability instantly–all from a single screen


Keep your mobile workers reachable and able to respond to each other and your customers–anywhere, anytime


Enable information and file sharing to improve decision making and drive productivity


Bring decision makers together at the click of a mouse to keep your business moving

Improved User Interfaces

Integrate features into the desktop to improve productivity and help reduce training time and costs


Protect your company assets and data as information is shared and accessed in real time

An effective Unified Communications solution from Altura may impact your back office processes as information is delivered in real time and secured data is received by team members every time, everywhere.

Please allow Altura an opportunity to unify your communications. To learn more about our Unified Communications portfolio or to have an Altura specialist contact you about our solutions or services, please call us at 1-800-654-0715.