Contact Center Services

Altura provides Contact Center managed services to our customers to help manage the day-to-day operations, optimize performance, monitor and maintain the contact center application.  As part of the Sentinel Edge Managed Services, Contact Center managed service allows our customers to focus more time on their core business, while eliminating the headache of managing the resources, while saving both time and money.

  • Accelerating the business benefits of Avaya advanced contact center technologies
  • Easing the adoption of new and future applications
  • Reducing operational costs, and simplify staffing complexities
  • Maintaining operational flexibility and control

Contact Center services are designed to optimize contact center performance. Altura Professional Services will coordinate with Altura Services to track and assist in the resolution of Contact Center trouble reports, restoring normal operations as quickly as possible with the least possible impact on both the customer and agent. Contact Center services take over the managing of the lifecycle of contact center application including problems with the supported products. The primary objective is to prevent incidents from happening, and minimize their impact if not prevented. Altura will maintain information concerning your configuration, individual elements and their relationships throughout the lifecycle of the contract.  The primary objective is to enable the integrity of your environment to be protected and the correct components are released and a configuration management is maintained including remote and onsite implementation of software updates, software fixes and point releases.

Enterprises count on Avaya Contact Center products to perform the agreed function when required. Contact Center services enables you to have access to consulting support that can help fine-tune your Routing applications through the lifecycle of your contact center including Application Analysis of your organization’s most critical skills. Altura will periodically access the Avaya system, to retrieve recent historical data and compare it with predefined objectives for key skills.  Altura will track the capacity of the platform / infrastructure to see that it can be delivered within agreed upon service levels. Also included is the planning for short, medium, and long term organization requirements.