Sentinel Disaster Recovery Service


Your communications systems are mission critical and should remain functional even in a disaster recovery situation. Altura’s Managed Services include:

  • Disaster recovery and business continuity capabilities for your communications system since it resides in a hardened data center.
  • During a disaster, calls will be sent to users’ cell phones, home phones, or hotel phones.
  • Devices keep full functionality including unified messaging, audio conferencing, and all other telephony capabilities.

Our managed storage allows backups at a location other than where the platforms are located. Thus avoiding a backup that might be rendered unavailable due to a local catastrophe. Altura offers remote offsite backup for many of the products we already support and store one or more of your latest backups at our NOC facility. This setup quickly provides your backup electronically to reduce return to service and disaster recovery time.


We know that keeping software and firmware-based platforms up to the latest software release is time consuming. Altura’s SFRM program takes on this responsibility so you can focus on your cost and revenue growth initiatives.  We automate the process of deploying it to your systems, once we have agreed to the benefit and requirement with you. We collaborate with you to identify, assess, and implement recommended updates that peak your applications’ performance and minimizes your risk of potential service disruptions.

At Altura, we provide a Higher Level of Managed Services by taking the worry out of making sure all of your systems have the latest appropriate software releases. Your business needs are our priority, and as such we provide excellent service for your disaster recovery and business continuity needs.

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