Avaya Sentry E911

A Robust Enhanced 911 Solution for Enterprise

What is Sentry™?

Sentry™ is a modular framework designed to provide the functions that are needed to solve Enterprise E911 phone tracking, 911 call routing, and on-site notification issues.


  • No need to be charged a monthly recurring fee for every phone
  • Only pay for the modules you need and for the location records you upload


  • Low deployment costs
  • Allows the PBX to transact the call
  • VM-based – flexibility of deployment and resiliency
  • No proprietary hardware or single point of failure appliances


  • Enhances E911 capabilities of the PBX
  • Flexible for onsite, branch, and remote workers
  • Eliminate PS-ALI / monthly recurring OpEx charges from the LEC
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Important facts

  • Sentry™ offers the location of IP-based enterprise phones and PBX
    systems and can be updated in a national next-generation 911 database for use by public-safety answering points (PSAPs) responding to emergency calls.
  • In an enterprise environment, when an Avaya phone plugs into the network, the Sentry™ e911 solution will detect a phone is plugged in and where in the building that device is located.
  • If you make a 911 call and the PSAP queries your phone number, they will have immediate access to your exact location. If you happen to move, an update is made related to your new location. It’s that simple! We can store location, floor plans, pictures, multimedia – whatever the enterprise wants stored is shared in that database.

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