Process Automation and Workflow

Mutare is your smart choice for Unified Communication technology

Altura, in partnership with Mutare Software, is proud to offer software solutions to our enterprise customers that make businesses work smarter, that streamline information access, speed transactions and encourage collaboration. This results in increased sales, regulatory compliance and decreased costs.

With Mutare, you can read voicemails in your email so you never miss a call. Mutare provides a solution for most verticals such as Healthcare, Education, Government, Financial Services, and Insurance.

Here are several examples of Mutare applications at work for our clients:

  • Sending an important message to a massive group.
  • Allowing physicians to securely transmit sensitive patient information.
  • Empowering contact center agents to assist people across multiple channels or omni channel call center.

We are confident that you will find our technologies improve contact centers performance and provide a strong return on investment. All of our applications and hosted services are compatible with your existing IT assets, so you won’t have expensive and painful infrastructure upgrades.

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