Altura Communication Solutions


Communication Solutions Improving Patient Care

Healthcare communication solutionsFor nearly 30 years, Altura has designed, implemented, and serviced wide communications solutions to hospitals and clinics across the US. We currently serve and support more than 400 hospitals and clinics nationwide.  Our solutions are designed to improve the patient experience while helping healthcare providers reduce costs and improve profitability. They enhance all aspects of the patient care life cycle and enable healthcare providers to save money by improving existing healthcare processes and practices instead of purchasing expensive new systems that require comprehensive staff retraining.

Avaya Healthcare Solutions Help Hospitals

  • Reduce medical errors, wait times and improve the patient experience
  • Improve accessibility of specialists and caregivers
  • Increase physician and nurse mobility
  • Collaborate and diagnose patients faster
  • Improve the quality and transition of care
  • Decrease preventable readmissions


  • Patient Health Management
  • Self-Service
  • Proactive Notification
  • Hospital and Converged unified communications
  • Mobility and wireless applications
  • Contact Center
  • Integrated Messaging
  • Collaboration and Video
  • Clinic Security Management



Altura partners with Avaya and other solutions providers to meet the express needs of healthcare establishments. For more information about how Altura solutions for healthcare can benefit your organization, please call us at 1-800-654-0715.