What We Do

Managed Services

Transfer your day-to-day communication service and support to Altura and improve your operation’s efficiency at a predictable rate.

Professional Services

Altura can help you through your communication solution implementations, providing guidance and productivity improvements to meet your needs.

Support Services

With nationwide branch coverage and our 24×7 customer service portal, our support services are literally a click away from meeting your needs.


What our customers think

To support our mission-critical operations, we wanted to partner with an organization dedicated to providing highly reliable products, comprehensive solutions and applications, and that is easy to do business with. Altura was the only solutions provider that met our criteria. We talked to numerous vendors and looked at several solutions, but in the end it was an easy decision to go with Altura.- Peter Johnson, Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center
Altura's Professional Services group is uniquely qualified to deliver successful complex Unified Communication solutions in a rapidly evolving IT environment.- Mike Berlin, AVST

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